Upcoming Events in May

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There are several events to keep posted on your calendar for the month of May.

Aside from our normal, weekly meetings we also have the BHAC Annual Tree Plant this Saturday at 9am at Robbinsdale Park, the District Spring Camporee the weekend of May 14th in the Badlands, and Busy Beaver Day at Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch on May 22nd.

Also, there have been some changes to the final two meetings this month.  The meeting on Monday, May 24th, will start at 6pm and we will meet at the Alex Johnson hotel to assist Pack 74 with the Presidential Statue clean-up.  Please make sure to wear your “Class B” uniforms (hat, yellow Troop shirt, and Scout pants).

The meeting for Monday, May 31st, has been canceled due to the Memorial Day holiday.  Our next regular meeting at the church won’t be until Monday, June 7th.

You can either click on each link individually for specific information or view the Troop Calendar for all the month’s events.  Make sure you login to your account to view all the troop-related items that may not be readily viewable to the general public.

And stay tuned as we will be updating the times/dates on these events should anything change.

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